About Tech Without Wifi

Welcome to Tech Without Wifi (TWW)! I am Nate and this is my blog.

Tech Without Wifi is a website that provides detailed guides on how to accomplish great things without relying on wifi.

I grew up in a rural setting and didn’t have access to the internet until I attended college. I met internet wizards who still relied on me to give them guides on how to do various tasks on their phones, cameras, TVs without wifi.

I have been providing these guides on Youtube and finally decided to create a website to do this.

Why you should trust my guides on using various tech without wifi?

I am a very experienced IT professional that has been in the technology field for over 7 years that grew up without an internet connection.

I only post guides on things that I am 100% confident that you can accomplish without relying on the internet. If a task such as streaming on Netflix without wifi, for example, is not possible, I do not write misleading guides just to get your attention.

So which gadgets can be used without wifi?

  • Baby Monitor: You can stream your baby images and videos using baby monitors without wifi
  • Security cameras: There are security cameras that you can use without wifi – both wifi enabled and those that are non-wifi.
  • Stream TV:
  • How do I accomplish these things?
  • Using the guides you will find here, it is 100% possible to perform any of these tasks without relying on wifi! Click on any of the links below

I hope you enjoy my website and it is my wish that through TWW, I can help you create some amazing things without the need of

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