Enjoying tech without wifi

Practical Guides to Use Tech Gear Without Wifi

I got frustrated with limited guides that explain in detail how some essential tech guides could be useful without Wifi. Tech Without Wifi was borne out of that frustration and this website has detailed guides on all gadgets you can use without wifi and how to use them if you don’t have internet. 

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If you have Wifi, it shouldn’t limit you from enjoying some of the latest tech including security cameras, baby monitors, smart home devices, your iPhone, tablet, Chromecast, Alexa and many more gear. We have share detailed guides on how you can go about using them without internet. 

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Baby Monitors without Wifi

There are non-wifi monitors that use 1.9 GHz (DECT) and 2.4 GHz (FHSS) that you can use without wifi. We have all the details on how they work and their advantages. 

Security Cameras without Wifi

No internet connection? You can use wifi-enabled or non-wifi security cameras to keep your home safe. Learn how on our guides. 

Alexa without Wifi

Alexa, Kindle or FirePlay can work without wifi and we have all the details you can follow yo utilize Amazon’s Alexa without wifi connection. 

Using Phone and Tablet without Wifi

Phones and tablets are essential parts of our lives and when you don’t have Wifi, we have highlighted all the ways you can still make your phone and tablet useful. 

Speakers without Wifi

Smart speakers and most speakers can work without wifi

Gaming without Wifi

Whether it is Xbox or any gaming gadget you have, we have all the guides to use them without wifi

Casting & Streaming without Wifi

Whether it is Roku, Netflix, Chromecast, Youtube, Spotify, or regular TV, learn how to use them without Wifi here. 

Thermostats without Wifi

Get informed on how to use thermostats without wifi here. 

We’ll Show You How It’s Done without Wifi

No need to feel disappointed when you are not connected to the internet. This blog is dedicated to providing the most extensive guides on how anyone can use tech gadgets without Wifi. 

We make it easy for our readers to still enjoy their gadgets without the internet

Each guide has extensive information on how you can successfully use most tech gear without internet and we have made an effort to give you additional guidance on how to prepare if you are traveling to a no-wifi zone. 


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