Is your Google Chromecast not working properly? Has it been acting up and you don’t know how to fix it? A factory reset may be the answer. This simple process will erase all of your device’s data and restore it to its original settings. So, if you’re ready to give your Chromecast a fresh start, keep reading. We’ll walk you through the steps.

How to factory reset your Chromecast

This is a basic process for most Wi-Fi-connected devices. You should be able to follow these steps with any mobile device or laptop that has access to the internet. The only thing you need in order to factory reset your Chromecast is an active internet connection and a Google account.

Factory resetting will not affect your personal files or apps. So if you’ve installed Netflix, Hulu, or Spotify on your Chromecast, they’ll stay right where you left them.

How to factory reset your Chromecast through the Google Home app

You can erase all of your data quickly and easily using the Google Cast app’s menu option for factory resetting. Here’s how:

1. Open the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device. It should look like this icon. Select the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen.

2. Scroll down and select Device settings (the gear icon) to open your Chromecast’s page in the Google Home app.

3. Select Factory reset. You can also perform a factory reset by holding down the Chromecast’s button for 25 seconds until its LED lights begin flashing.

4. Select Ok to confirm that you want to erase all of your data and start over from scratch.

How to factory reset Chromecast from the device( Chromecast 3)

  1. While the Chromecast is linked to a TV, press down the button on the device for at least 25 seconds or until the solid LED light changes to a flashing red light.
  2. When the LED light blinks white and the TV goes dark, let go of the button. After that, the gadget will come back to life.

You’re done! Now, just wait as your Chromecast downloads all of its latest updates

How to factory reset Chromecast from the device( Chromecast 2 and 1)

  1. While the Chromecast is connected to the TV, hold down the button on its side.
  2. The LED will start blinking orange. When the LED light changes to white, push the button again to restart the Chromecast.


Q: How do I reset my Chromecast to a new WIFI?

A: Follow the steps below to reset Chromecast to a new Wifi
1. Link device to the same account as your Chromecast.
2. Open the Google Home app.
3. Tap your device.
4. Tap Wi-Fi Forget this network.
5. You’ll be taken back to your Home screen.
6. Follow the step above for Chromecast 1, 2 or 3.

Q: Where is the reboot button on Chromecast?

A: The reboot button is located on the side of the Chromecast next to where the power cord plugs into it. To reboot, you can hold down until your device begins restarting itself or press and hold for 25 seconds until the LED light starts flashing.

Q: Where are Chromecast factory settings?

A: All Chromecast devices have a reset button to reset all settings back to factory default. It is located behind the Chromecast power cord.

I hope this article was helpful and enabled you to successfully reset your Chromecast 1, 2, or 3 using the app or using Wifi. You can find more details on Google’s support page here.

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